Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Eve!

So so so tired! Xmas eve is so stressful! I dunno if it's just me or if it's a general feeling but I think that Xmas eve is REALLY stressful. Here in France, it's a big thing; family gathers around a big table and have a huge dinner. And kids are sometimes allowed to stay up until midnight, then they're able to open their presents. The dinner is a big thing. It has to be traditional. Urgh! Such a pain! Whatever! I'm just tired and when I'm tired, there's nothing that I like more than complaining.

Anyway, I had nice presents and I'm very pleased about this evening. It was a nice and quiet Xmas with my family. And the worst is yet to come: XMAS LUNCH! Damn! What am I gonna do? I have a few ideas but... I'm on holidays (L-A-Z-Y)!!! Hahahaha!

It's funny to celebrate Xmas in France. First time in a few years. I miss my "Julafton med godis och Julmust" and most importantly the people...

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