Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Beware of those icy streets

Hahaha! So funny!
I fell this morning, 3 TIMES, in my street on my way to work.
I was wearing a pair of Converses Chuck Taylor and I couldn't walk with them because the pavement was so slippery and I fell 3 times before being able to go round the corner.
I had to go back home and trade Converses for rubber boots. I couldn't wear rubber boots with what I was wearing so I had to change my outfit as well.

Such a good start of the day! Hahaha!


Auréline said...

lol it's "I fell" and not "I felt", but that's ok you've got a pretty good english level anyways!

Sabrina Marie said...

woops the daisies!

Auréline said...

et d'ailleurs la même chose est arrivée ce matin à mon chéri qui portait aussi des Converses!En résumé, Converse en tant de verglas ou de pluie = cata assurée!

GABRIELA said...

Lucky day! Is always good day for shopping? Yes new outfits. Lol

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that, hope you're Ok Sab ! Take care,