Thursday, 8 January 2009

Sleepy... ZzZzZzZz...

I am really really really tired. After work, mo2 and I went to her place to see her new cat. He is a cute little black cat. He is so cuddly, we named him Tom. I liked him a lot.

We previously visited an apartment yesterday during lunch break and we had a call while we were both at her place. On the phone was the young ladie who occupies the apartment we saw earlier. She had fantastic news; the apartment was ours! We are going to sign the contract this weekend.

We are so excited about it, it is exactly what we were looking for. It is a big and bright apartment close to where we work (and close to everything basically) and it has a bath tub (very important!), a garage, a balcony and it's a high standing building. Isn't it perfect? There is even a terrasse and a playground.

We are very pleased and we just cannot wait to move in. We were so excited that we decided to celebrate it and went to a restaurant. It was really good but I had a bit too much and couldn't sleep last night - I was so thirsty!

Anyway, we are both very tired but we are also both very happy!


A brand new year, a brand new home, a brand new life!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


mosha said...

sounds like a great place! you should take some pix and post them here as soon as you move <3

Sabrina Marie said...

I'll do something even better, I'll do a "before & after" and I'll also post pictures of everything that I'll be buy! :)

mosha said...

greeat <3 waiting ;)