Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Teenage years!

When you're young, you tend to follow the trend - whether it's good or bad.
I remember how we were when I was between 13-16, everyone who was anyone had Dr Martens shoes. You HAD to wear these shoes, it was like a gang, you couldn't be one of the cool kids if you didn't have these shoes. But it wasn't only about the shoes, it was the clothes, the school bag, you NEEDED to wear brands from head to toe. Isn't it silly? When I go to some shop I used to worship years ago, I'm like "OMG! Why did I ever like that brand?"
Now, I don't care if it's a brand or if it comes from H&M; if I like, I go get it!

Can you believe that? I used to wear those shoes!!!! Thank God, they were shiny black!
But then I had the green ones with the green tartan shoe laces, then the yellow crocodile ones with red tartan laces, then the blue ones with blue tartan laces, then the purple ones with.... OMG! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???


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