Monday, 9 February 2009

Why are we addicted to Blondinbella?

Meet Isabella Löwengrip. She is well known as Blondinbella and is Sweden's biggest blogger!
I can't really say why I keep reading her blog even though I don't live in Sweden anymore. It is not as interesting as reading Aftonbladet but it is pretty damn good as for fashion and beauty tips. But I must warn you before you decide to have a look at her blog; it's all written in Swedish!

Her blog is fun and easy to read. She writes about fashion and beauty (of course) but also about love and life in general. It's fresh and entertaining. It's my guilty pleasure once I'm home. When I turn on my laptop, I log on Facebook (so damn addictive, I need rehab), read my emails, read Perez Hilton (he's my suga mamma) and read Blondinbella!

Anyway, I don't really know what I keep on reading her blog. I'm just so used to it.
If you're curious about Blondinbella's blog, go to

Good night! x

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