Saturday, 28 March 2009

To Get To Know You - Just Do It!

Here's a few questions about what you want from life and who you are. Copy it on your blog or comments section and write your answers. It's fun! Now there are my answers:

Describes yourself in 5 words:

1- Fun
2- Crazy
3- Passionate
4- Late (I'm always late!)
5- Lazy (sometimes)

Names 5 brands/designers you love:

1- Chanel
2- Marc Jacobs
3- Louis Vuitton
4- Balmain
5- Ralph Lauren

Name 5 bands/artists you want to see live:

1- Duran Duran
2- The Police
3- Daft Punk
4- The Prodigy
5- Röyksopp

What are the 5 objects you can't spend a day without:

1- My phone
2- My laptop
3- My Mp3 player
4- My glasses (I get headaches if I don't wear them for a whole day!)
5- My credit card

The ideal man (or woman) in 5 words:

1- Tall (-er than me!)
2- Blue-eyed
3- Funny
4- Smart
5- Art-orientated (music, design, photography...)

5 things you want to do tomorrow:

1- Laundry
2- Do some paper work
3- Play with Tom
4- Finnish my book (Wild Boy by Andy Taylor - great book by the way!)
5- Watch some TV

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