Monday, 10 August 2009

Walking on sunshine! Wahooooo!

...and damn! It feels good!

...Well... Almost!


It's Monday, back from work!
Went to the gym, it was closed! Got lots to do but so disappointed the gym was closed. I was really looking forward to it, running like crazy on the treadmill then off to the swimming pool for a good swim and finish it all with a nice hammam and full body scrub! It could have been magic! But it didn't happen! F**K!
Nevermind, I'll clean a bit, have a bath, watch some telly and sleep!

I'll be on holidays very soon! I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY looking forward to it!
Aug. 14-17 : SWITZERLAND!
Aug. 17-Sept. 1 : UK!
and back to France! :(

Right, I'm gonna start to pack, even though I'm not going just yet but I need to start packing so I don't forget a thing! :)

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