Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Kopps - A Comedy Made in Sweden

Not only Sweden brought us Ikea, Abba and Alexander Skarsgård but they also brought us Kopps!
It's the story about Coppers in a tiny quiet little village in Sweden who need action! They are so bored that they even do the crimes themselves to get busy because nothing is happening!
For some, it might sound boring but trust me! This movie is nothing but boring! It is fun, entertaining and it's the kind of movie you can watch with the whole family! The thing is, it only got released in Swedish so either way you understand or you watch it with subtitles! No biggie anyway!

This movie is a mix between Smala Sussie (Swe) and Hot Fuzz (GB), the kind of movies you want to watch that doesn't require a lot of thinking! That's what I need right now!

Good night!

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