Monday, 5 January 2009

NYE pics!

As requested, these are the pictures from new year's eve. Honestly, I don't like them! I look rubbish on every single one (mostly due to the fact that I was merry from the time that I came in to 8am when I left).

Loïc in the background trying to listen to the girls conversation (mo2, myself and Giovanditto trying to hurt me).

Me, laughing, as usual and Loïc trying to make us guess which personality he was interpreting!

From left to right: nobody, Goujon Jnr, Goujon #1 and myself.

Mo2, Schülertt and myself!

Me, merry... What a surprise!?!
Damn! I look like a clown! Urgh!

Decrescendo from left to right: Goujon Jnr (drunk), Me (merry) and Thierry (sober).
What a great team!

Well... There you have it.. Nothing else to say... Except that I have an excuse; I was drunk!
Mescusi! Mescusi!

And yes, I was wearing a tu-tu!
It's a fashion statement, LET IT GO!

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