Monday, 5 January 2009

Urgh! Back at work!

It's so hard to be back at work after a long break. I hate that feeling. That's why I hate taking more than 5 days off work because a lot can change by the time you come back and I just hate not being a part of it and just sit down and listen to everything that's being going on while I was away!
Anyway, it wasn't the case because the company always closes for Christmas break.

It was a busy day (was really busy this morning then it go slower and slower after lunch break) but it as fun to come back! I kind of missed working. I'm actually glad to be back and seeing everyone and saying "happy new year" to anyone that passes by in the hall. I love that feeling.

So now, what I'm gonna do is simple; a nice and warm shower (cause it's bloody damn cold out here) and a good night's sleep! Good plan!

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