Tuesday, 3 March 2009

What a day - again!

Urgh! Had a tough day at work today, so many things to do, so little time. But that's alright, I did my best! Yesterday was a tough one though; I had really really really a lot to do and I was still feeling extremely weak after this laryngitis but I did my best and didn't let anyone down so I was quite pride of myself! Then my roommate and I went shopping; SOOOOOOOOOOOO TIRING!
Then when we came back home, we had a few paper work to do and looked at some furnitures that we liked and did a bit of cleaning. I was feeling so energetic and at the same time so tired that I couldn't fall completely asleep before 3am - and woke up at 8am!

But today I was feeling the same but less weak: had a lot to do at work. Went to Ikea with a couple of friends, came back home, cleaned my room a bit and booked my next holidays. Yes, HOLIDAYS! The magic word! I'm off to the UK again for a couple of days in May. Then I might go to Greece or Malta during Fall. I'm really excited!
As for this month and April, no big plans except for my friend from Finland, Sanna who's going to come and visit me for a few days before trying the Parisian Experience with one of her Finnish friend who will fly direct to Paris.

Anyway, I'm so looking forward to May because I'LL BE BACK IN THE UK! YEAH!

Also today, I received the new album of The Prodigy and it is MASSIVE! I kind of got stuck on one particular tune called "Warriors Dance". Great tunes also "Invaders Must Die" and "Stand Up". Get a copie, it's absolutely awesome: THE PRODIGY - INVADERS MUST DIE (2009) !!!

Music: The Prodigy - Warriors Dance


Anonymous said...

je confirme vraiment vraiment enorme, merci pour l'info !

Sabrina Marie said...

de rien! ;)