Sunday, 10 May 2009

Get ready for the beach - part II

The summer's almost there so it's time to hit the gym!
I am doing really well at the moment, I'm trying to eat as healthy as I can, I eat fruits and green veggies which is good and allow myself half a glass of red wine. I've read on the that drinking half a glass of red wine is good for your heart and helps you to slim down - while on a diet of course! I also read that Power Plates makes you shed weight twice as fast as aerobics. It is said that the small vibrations contract your muscles in more natural way and you don't even notice it! With a combination of non abrasive excercises, you'll be able to lose more weight without sweating as much as you can sweat on the cross trainer. Also a good thing to do, GO TO THE HAMMAM! The hammam makes you sweat all the extra water you have in your body tat you can't get rid off by excercising and it makes your skin amazingly soft, TRY IT!

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