Thursday, 11 June 2009

Back to the gym!

Got back to the gym. Put on weight lately... Urgh! The drinking, the partying and eating out made me huge again. But I'm losing again and got back on track. I eat right, I drink a lot and exercise A LOT!!! Ok, I'm not huge but I've been slimmer than I currently am. But I'm sure to be on the right path. Sorting things out in my life, going forward at work, things are going smoothly and life is good. Actually, life is great! It can't be perfect but so far I'm feeling good, focusing a lot more on myself made me realise somethings that needed to be sorted out but i'm getting there.

But right now, my main goal is to have the perfect body. I'm getting more and more muscular but all I need now is to lose the fat around my muscles.
I'm thinking about trying a body builder diet. Have you guys tried it? Any advices?

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